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Obour Lectures 'Girls In The Yellow House'


Bice Osei Kuffour aka Obour had the challenge of his life when he dropped by the Yellow House to Meet The Girls. It was not easy for a busy head like the current Musigha president taking questions from a flock of beauties. It was not easy keeping his attention on one person.

When the interview finally kickstart, the rasta haired Musigha president who is mixed parentage of kwahu and Asante, talked about his ‘balding rasta’ explaining how uncomfortable it is to always have hair in your face and always having to throw it back. He said this irks him thus his shaving those areas off in front of his head.
He then descended into giving the Girls a hair lecturer about Brazilian hairs, Remy, weave on’s and other delicate hair clich├ęs to the amazement of the Girls. It was obvious he knew his bananas about hair and its associates because he later revealed owning, ‘Attraction’ a unisex Salon at Dome.

Was he worried he won’t be taken serious because of his looks? “People are seeing it as part of fashion lately unlike previously because of enlightenment. I have never had an issue with it before but I believe that content of character is better judgment than the physical outlook of people,” he puts it succinctly.
Obour does not know if he will run for re-election for another term but said he is enjoying his tenure and beside himself with the demands of the office. For someone who loves public service, he said it was a great pleasure to be of service to a group of people he is part of.

He said of the Musigha position being very challenging but he opted for it thus feeling the flow. Musigha is reiterated is not a very rich organization but largely a welfare organization for the Musicians in the country. “Musigha could make money if systems are in place to check over pirating of works and musicians paying their due for example. The welfare hand of Musigha is there to support old musicians and other initiatives” he stated.
Musigha, Obour educated the Girls is a Trade Union making sure the standards of living of Musicians is secured and they can collectively bargain on behalf of Musicians as well as make sure they are remunerated well.  

The Konkotiba singer then went on to talk about the intervention of MTN with the Hit Maker project to discover talents with those who have recorded their demos to get heard and the winner get a package of GH 100,000 to get their career on the way.

Asked about investments Obour gracefully said if he manages funds from the ‘konkotiba’ album well, he won’t be poor in the next 10 year! Due to busy schedules however, the Musigha president doesn’t have much time for recording lately. He has been battling to record anything in the last year but still working hard in the studios to keep his creative juices following.

Jay told of her crush on the young energetic showman when in University to which he coolly reacted to about intelligently doing socially conscious music or very good songs to recoup investments. The Sociology and Music major ‘ran away’ from Economics while in level 200 because he couldn’t dedicate the time the course needed.   

He was very dodgy when asked if he was married or not although he had ‘jokingly bragged’ on the show earlier about being investment savvy because he was a proud father of a one year old child. To have his pound of flesh, he quizzed why a bevy of Girls in the House were all single! I guess the joke is on us….

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