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REVIEW: I'm Ill - Fricky

If there's been any more remixed song than Jay Z's "I'm Ill" I probably don't know about it or have not heard about it yet. The remixe I'm focusing on today is Fricky's. Fricky is one of those so-called underground acts I talked of in the post [Of Rappers And Lyricists] and if you don't know him its probably because you spend too much time listening to "azonto" songs.

His "I'm Ill" freestyle I'm well informed is a prelude to his upcoming EP so basically the EP as trendy among neo-Hiphop acts in Ghana is a waring shot to people who don't believe in his music, people generally refered to as "haters". He keeps a free-flowing lyric base as alwyas and keeps on using the same masculine rhymes.

With bars like

"Life is a bitch and we all womanizers",

"All about the flow but I don't swim",
he keeps up with a wealthy metaphor. Only problem I have with the sound is that this is Ghana and to blow up one must make a song to show versatility and in this freestyle Fricky does nothing new except his usual and it is the versatility of an act that can show whether or not he/she will last on the scene as the listeners easily get tired of the same thing.

Best line with no doubt surely has to be,

"Stepping on my shoes like I'm the guy they walk with

Stop criticising you acting like you're RoisKiD".
Not only because he mentioned me in it but because there are dual meaning to the two lines (Anyway he has to explain to me though cos I'm not always criticising)

A worthy download any day but not up to the standard I'm holding Fricky up to. But for a freestyle, I'll say he has done well and I wait to see what's going to be on the EP

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