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Ghanaian Act Nino To Be Signed By Iyaz

Ghanaian Act Nino To Be Signed By Iyaz
About 3 months ago, Agyeman Offeh, known better in the showbiz industry as Nino, reappeared on the scene after recovering from a fatal accident which nearly left him paralysed.

He didn't spend much time to prove why he was constantly refered to as the prodigy of ace musician Kojo Antwi; he released a single off his upcoming EP, "Rain & Water".

"Madamfo Pa" took a smooth liftoff and enjoyed airplay on numerous platforms even far back as UK and USA. However, Nino didn't take a pause as he went on further to illustrate how he would be the first Ghanaian act to take a Grammy and expressed how high his yardstick was when he publicly expressed disappointment at Sarkodie's performance during the VGMAs.

 Barely a week after releasing his second single, rumor reaching me from SLFEntertainment has it that the young Ghanaian crooner is to feature internationally acclaimed Iyaz of "Replay" fame on his next single. Recently a video of Iyaz endorsing Nino took over Youtube and I must say though Nino has not yet won a GMA, he sure seems set on his Grammy road

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