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FEATURE : What's With All These Plane Crashes In Africa

Barely a week ago right in my backyard, a cargo plane belonging to Allied Air crushed into a bus and ended the life of ten people on the spot. Few others were injured but the mind of people only had to deal with the dead people. Just after that there was another crash in Nigeria involving Dana Airlines which killed over 150 people the last time I checked. Both crashes generated a lot to talk and people naturally started pointing fingers, looking for someone to blame. I think the Nigerians did a better job at the blame game than Ghanaians, they apparently found some people who committed some misgivings. Before all these official investigation and the invitation of US Crash Investigators, there was a very cynical and not-so-funny rumor going on twitter. Looking at the little timespan between the two accidents, a twitter account I would rather not name tweeted "Small hype Ghana get for BBC, Nigerians wantake over". As according to this tweet, the belief of the this person the Nigerians were quite annoyed that Ghana was being featured on BBC's Breaking News about the tragic crash. And they used a means probably the much popular "juju" to bring down the Dana Airline down. Sounds preposterous, doesn't it? Well I have not much to do with the misguided sentiments of a twitter account, what irks me is the recent plane crash in Kenyan that took the lifes of the Kenyan Interior Minister, his assist and other people flying with him. My deepest condolences to the bereaved families. I'm kind off worried as to why all this crashes should occur in less than a weekspan claiming almost 200 lifes in all. Maybe the Christian fanatics are very correct, God would not end the world in fire but has chosen to do so with plane crashes starting in Africa. (Forgive my sour and ill attempt at humor), but really what's up with all these crashes in Africa.

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