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Electoral Commission Won't Allow Me Vote

Electoral Commission Won't Allow Me Vote
Afari Gyan
When people started queuing under the hot March sun to register for Electoral ID cards, I took no heed to join the rush. I was basically a person who cared little about who made president ( I hear that is a criminal act). I was of the view that fundamentally all politicians were liars and lived a cunning life thus I had nothing to do with all the political tangles around me.

Electoral Commission Won't Allow Me VoteHowever, I grew tired of having to speak to managers at the banks I frequented since I had no National ID Card. Don't get me wrong I have applied for the new biometric passport cards but heaven know when I will get. And the NHIS was just a waste of money to me as I would still have to pay for some services later at some hospitals and moreover I was entitled to a practically free private scheme as per workplace provided for all staff.

I then decided to register on the last day of registration at a polling station near me. After standing in the hot sun for nearly two hours, my photo was taken, I filled the forms and just as I was about to get my card I was told by the EC agent that I could not get my card. Exasperated I bellowed at him and in the same manner he asked for my cellphone number assuring me that he would call me later in the day to come for my card.

He didn't

Two weeks later I decided to check the local office and the rude attendant who saw to me remained adamant claiming she could not issue me a card as I was holding a chit which was supposed to have been given to me at my polling station.

Since then all attempts to get myself my first National ID Card left me no better and I remain a Ghanaian whose right to vote has been snatched by an EC which won't give me an ID card.

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