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EL Is Ghana's Best - No Doubt

I have seen the music monster called EL grow from strength to strength since that his single breakthrough song, Obuu Mo, and I must say we have developed an act if handled properly could become not only Ghana's best musical export but also Africa's.

The thing about EL that keeps me getting not only every song of his but also every song he is featured on is his versatility. Elorm does not only rap, he raggaes, sings and on top of it all produces some of the "sickest" beats around in Ghana. Anytime I hear the "this is crazy chalee", I do not expect the best, I know the best will come. And truthfully I listen to some songs only because EL is on it. in this post I shall take a closer look at three on my favorite song from EL currently

1. On A Long Tin

EL released this song as an appetizer before releasing his "Something ELse" EP. BAsically the song talks about how one lady "roshes" him and is always "on a long tin" and how he finally got tired and left her for her best friend. It was not stated but if it was EL himself on the chorus, the I salute him.

2. Check My Swagga

I don't know which one I like more the audio or video version. EL's relationship with Pascal Aka is doing him a lot of good. Pascal gives him very captivating videos always. EL doesn't do much on this song expect tell a funny story. What keeps me amazed is how the story seems to flow, no mistakes and such.

3. Envy

This is not actually EL's song, he was featured by Ian Jazzy who I never gave thought to listen to until he featured EL on his track (Yes, that's how good EL is). The ladies in my life just love this song, EL didn;t rap, he sung and yet again he did his best not to steal the limelight from the owner of the song but he did anyway.

Like veteran photographer said way back EL is not only the best rapper in Ghana but he is currently the best act on the music scene whether seen from the rapping point of view, the singing point of veiw or the beatmaker point of view.

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