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Another Look At The Difference Between Rappers And Lyricists

There can be no easier (and lets face it less expensive way) to shoot yourself to stardom in Ghana these days than making music especially if you have some DJ friends and people in the media. And oh yes, a good producer

Forget about lyrics, it's all about the beat now, something a little techno with a noe-jazz instrumental or the world famous "azonto" beat to which people can gyrate their waists is sure to make you a star. You might disagree but I dare you and anyone else to tell me the central theme of the hot Azonto songs, "Alugutugui", "Aboodatoi" or even Sarkodie's "You Go Kill Me".

This is where I must make sure you know that this is not a hate post, its more of a passionate criticism and a wake-up call. So fi you don't take criticism about your favorite musician well at all, thank you for reading but pls stop here.

Another Look At The Difference Between Rappers And LyricistsSarkodie is a good rapper, maybe the best in Ghana now, but is he a good lyricist? A good rapper may rhyme cool with drool but a better lyricist thinks of both the meaning of his statement and its rhyming factor too. I hope Sarkodie fans are not dismayed yes he's not so good a lyricist so if I should list my top 10 lyricists, he will be at #10.

It only fair to say that as I have a top 10 lyricist list, I  have a bottom 10 list and without doubt C Zar tops this list closely followed by Secure. I somewhat find it appealing to my ear that these two's musical careers seem to have taken an abrupt end.

 Now having made mention of these names, I have to explain who a good lyricist is. To me a good lyricist is one who incorporates rhymes and metaphors into his rap, one whose rap has dual or triple meaning, one whose rap make you go like "why didn't I think of that line". Some people tend to call them good punchliners, I call them the true lyricist. And funnily enough the acts not hailed by the Ghanaian media, C Real, J Town, Jay So. Paapa, Rumor, Scientific,  Kay Ara, Kojo and the many labelled as "underground" or "upcoming" acts are the ones who are the better lyricists needed to put the Ghanaian music on an international front

Next week, I will released my list of Top 10 lyricist and in subsequent weeks, the Bottom 10

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  1. true...not forgetting Boy Nash #1 lyricist


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