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Usher Slept With Our Maid - Usher's Wife

Usher Slept With Our Maid - Usher's Wife
Her lawyer dropped a bombshell in court - accusing Usher of bedding a bridesmaid - but now ex-wife Tameka Foster is calling the couple’s salacious custody showdown a “sad” event she didn’t invite.

“I pray the truth finally gets out. I didn’t start this battle, I filed in response,” Foster wrote on Twitter a day after her lawyer grilled Usher on the witness stand and claimed a nanny caught him cheating with Maya Fox-Davis, a reported member of the couple’s 2007 wedding party.

Usher, 33, appeared blindsided by the allegation as his lawyer quickly objected, according to video from the tense Atlanta courtroom posted Wednesday by

The singer’s camp earlier attacked Foster with allegations she once went berserk and threw food, spit on his girlfriend and started swinging while the couple’s two sons were only steps away in Foster’s house. On Monday, Usher wiped away tears as his testimony centered on allegations he cares more about partying than he does about his kids.

The “Yeah!” singer dabbed his eyes with a white tissue as Foster’s lawyer confronted him with photos allegedly showing him carousing in a European nightclub in February. When a Twitter user called the courtroom brawl “ridiculous” and likened it to a Ringling Bros. circus, Foster responded.

“Agreed.. Sad,” she tweeted in reply Thursday.

She thanked other Twitter users for their messages of support and claimed she’s not anti-dad. “I’m pro-father because I love my daddy so much,” she tweeted Wednesday. “My mother & father are BEST friends after 45 years. Not together…but talk daily.”

Usher, a seven-time Grammy Award winner, is asking the court for increased access to his two sons with Foster – 4-year-old Usher Raymond V and 3-year-old Naviyd Ely Raymond. The couple divorced two years after their marriage with the R&B artist claiming they had been living separately for nearly a year.
Their bitter child custody trial is set to resume in July.

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