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NEW MUSIC : Adenta BOIS - Klu & Boy Nash

FREE DOWNLOAD KLU & BOY NASH ADENTA BOIS 2012When two the the best lyrically fortified acts, still being called upcoming acts, join forces on an EP, it is only acceptable for just about anyone to expect naught but the best from them. And this is the case where more so I'm not just anyone.

Klu, one of the acts on this EP has always been known to give the most unforeseen names to his tapes and albums. From Red, Stolen Music to Canvas Life, I was not a bit shocked when I ease the name of this EP was Adenta BOIS. Moreover this name is basically to assert the locality of both Klu and Boy Nash as the Adenta boys, Klu has never failed to remind his fans that he is the Adenta boy with the swag flu.

Boy Nash relatively compared to Klu releases once in a very long while unlike the studio happy Klu, but when he does it is always a bang. He went in hard on 'Industry Evils' and 'God's Image" two of his most popular songs ever and recently was on Agape Love with ..............

Klu has been quiet there days as compared to earlier days tho he released Yeah Boi and his much touted Grinding Remix with Mz FU, AO, J Town and others.

The Adenta BOIS EP is a six-track joint mixtape of Klu MOnsta and Boy Nash George, was released 12:00PM toda. Click to download for free


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