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Jackie Chan - I'm Not Retiring

Jackie Chan -  I'm Not Retiring
Last week it was reported that the Hong-Kung born actor, Jackie Chan was retiring from action movies, but the actor has responded to the wrong perception of his announcement.

In his response  the popular martial art fighter stated that he is not retiring from doing action movies but only limiting the amount of risky stunts he does in his movies.

He expressed his surprise at the wrong perception gotten from his statement at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival. “In my press conference in Cannes for Chinese 12 Zodiac, I said that this movie was my last big action movie.”

“Today I was shocked when I woke up to read all the news coverage that I was retiring from doing action movies.”

“I just want to let everyone know that I am not retiring from doing action movies. What I meant to say is that I need to do less of the life risking stunts on my movies. After all these years of doing so many stunts and breaking so many bones, I need to take better care of my body so I can keep working.”

He affirmed that he will still be involved in action movies, saying, “I will continue to do international action movies” and quipped that “I will keep improving my English.” “I love all of you!”

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