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Trigmatic Now Full Gospel Artist + New Gospel Song

Trigmatic Now Full Gospel Artist + New Gospel Song
I received reports sometime back that Trigmatic, known in real life as Nana Oduro Agyei had made a glorious transition from Hip-hop\Hip life genre of music to Gospel. According to my informant, this was because the onetime GMAs Best Rapper of the year had “seen the light” and wanted to dedicate his talent to spreading the word of God and his Christian life thus creating a more definite relationship with his Creator, Jehovah.

Some weeks later I got my hands on what seems to confirm mu sources story that Trig had finaaly flipped the lock on his Hiphop carreer, a gospel song with Herty BornGreat, a celebrated gospel act in Ghana. The song named “Kano Seyaa” is by far Triggaman’s first attempt at producing a full gospel song. Just today there was a single release of the video for the said song on online platforms. And there's the controversial Azonto dance in the video.


Does this confirm the story that the rapper had seen the light and made a full transition to singing gospel? Maybe not, but according to the “Aagyei” rapper, “The light is there for all to see”. However if it is true, Trigga will be following the footsteps of ace artist now evangelist, Lord Kenya, who made a full transition last year and released an accompanying gospel album and more recently Kiiki Banson, Becca’s former songwriter.

Is the Hip-hop & Hip-life music scene about to be changed with artists diverging into singing fulltime gospel or is this just another phase in the development of Ghanaian music? Some even say that these artists are just hypocrites who wish to secure a ticket to Heaven by putting up a “nine-day-wonder” religiosity act.

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