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Our spotlight over the weekend landed on the beat maker behind hit songs such as Edem’s Over Again, Raquel’s Sweetio ft Sarkodie, Trigmatic’s Agjeii ft Raquel, Ghana music awards male vocalist winner Kesse’s Ugly Truth, among others, the Genius Selection.
Known in real life as Gideon Amoafo the name ‘Genius Selection’ was given to him from a humble beginning with friends who could not understand how a young guy could understand and play the piano like he manufactured it.
In a chat with 18newspaper about how he started, the Genius Selection whose studio is at Dansoman said: ‘I used to manage a studio for someone but before then I was blessed by God with the touch of the Piano or let’s say the Keyboard so I could do many things with the keyboard, so that was how it started from managing someone studio to my own studio’.

He maintained: ‘the act of producing quality unique original beats has been a passion, something that I can’t do without, so each day I thank God for such a talent’. Even with the talent Gideon still studied sound engineering, became the best student during his school days and after school worked with the same school as T A( teaching assistance)  for two years, where his scope of recording developed more.
On the question on how he met the big names to record them, Gideon noted: ‘it is divine favor plus connection with recommendation. I met Raquel through recommendation and, ever since have been working with her, I also met Trigmatic through recommendation and, when we met God glorified Himself with a hit, Kesse, Edem the same, Tinny, Jupitar, Samini, Sarkodie, the list is endless and its all divine connection’.
What’s new with Genius selection, the beat maker stressed: ‘I just completed Raquel’s new single ‘Set me free’, also just completed a project with the Stunners boys called ‘ Pumpapa’, just handed over Apaatse’s ‘please teacher ft stay Jay hit to him as well, Kesse is on promotion with the ‘Ugly Truth’, but there will be a promotion to support upcoming musicians soon, that is record one get a bonus beat for free and plus the future just started for the Genius selection, we pray to God for life and more hitz.
In his final words, Gideon Amoafo aka the Genius selection thanked all the artistes he has worked with from Natural Face, Bino, Stay J, Apaatse and all mentioned above or left out, please note that ‘I am always there for your creativity, pass through the studio every time and let’s make another hit, God bless us all’, (smiles)
It’s the revolution of a new wave in town, the Genius beats are awesome,  if you love Edem’s Over again, Tinny’s regular Champion, Jupitar ft Trigmatic, Raquel ft Sarkodie, Trigmatic ft Raquel, or any time you hear ‘the Genius selection’ please note where it is coming from because it always DC’.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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