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The first ever Ghana DJ awards organized by Mercury Republic which is scheduled to come off on the 22nd of September 2012 at an undisclosed venue is also set to release the first ever Ghana DJ Cipher.
The cipher which is expected to display how powerful, skillful and talented some Djs are in the country will be rolled out in the Ghana DJ awards diaries soon to show on a TV near you.

 Over the weekend the Ghana DJ awards was launched with a lot of patrons within the entertainment industry including some musicians showing support for this great idea, in a chat with the CEO of the event team, Mercury Quaye, popularly known as DJ Mercury of the weekend Buzz show on Atlantis Radio said: ‘first of all this idea was conceived years ago at the very time we felt organizers of the music awards would reward the person who carries the musicians work to the fans but they never did’.
He maintained: ‘the Ghana DJ awards is for everyone, if the musician does the song and there is no DJ to make you hear it on radio, in a club, pub, etc, then where is the music, so we feel it is a call in the right direction that needs the hand of everybody’.
He noted: ‘the Cipher is going to be wild, with the various categories of DJs grouped by the committee, the ciphers will blow fans away hence people should really watch out for that cipher’.
In his final words, Mercury said: ‘the Ghana DJ awards website will be up today for fans to be able to vote for their favorite DJ in any category of their choice. We should not stop the music, so let’s support the DJ to keep the music playing’.
Even though Mercury did not tell us when the cipher will be released we promise readers the best in updates and first time video play on this website but before that lets support the first ever Ghana DJ awards, for the DJ is the pillar between the musician and his fans.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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