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Ok, so this morning I woke up getting ready to hit the road to work as usual to feed ghanaians with invaluable information when a friend sent me an interesting picture of what happened on a video shoot set.
The picture was a bit blurred but I was able to make out the personalities after my reporter friend let me in, the persons were MADAM KPELEMS the HUSBAND BEATER of Viasat1 ‘’Laugh a minute show’’ and BRIGHT of BUKBAK fame. One would ask himself quickly what does madam kpelems have in common with Bright apart from beating her so called husband David Oscar on tv.
    My ‘’now a reporter’’ friend narrated that he chanced upon the picture online with rumour sorrounding it saying ; there was a video shooting session where madam kpelems comes into the video to pose as an orange seller listening to music on her ‘’beat by Dre’’ so as the filming was in progress Bright accidentally run into her table of oranges which she tediously arrange with his bicycle  thereby causing filming to pause, then she confronted Bright about the mess he had caused, Bright didn’t kowtow to her allegations but he was seen saying something to Madam Kpelems which was believed to be something abusive now this set  madam kpelems off with serious anger that made her draw a stick, chased Bright with it and struck him on the head with blood bursting out to the surprise of the people on set, he was rushed to the nearest clinic after first aid was administered.

This caused serious uproar on the set with Ronny-the other half of bukbak wanting to revenge the attack on his accolade but was restrained by the crew due to the chain of consequences it could bring.This incident was led to a very tension packed moment that the shooting could barely go on because the artiste’s crew had to follow to the hospital and make sure he was ok.

The manager of bukbak was overhead emphasizing that he would report madam kpelems to the police for assault even though she/he (madam kpelems) was made to apologize to him insisting that he has to do everything possible to protect his award winning artistes who are back on the musical scene with banging hits.
Further attempts to reach him has proven futile and also the same with Madam kpelems who has his/her phone off ever since that day.
Well I was taken aback by the nature of the incident and pondered over the thought that ‘’do people still behave in this animalistic ways even though they are exposed to tv and must live as role models’’ .  Honestly I have traces of doubt about the severity of this incidence or it could be a ‘’publicity stunt’’ as people adopt it to create hype around their works but no matter what I am going to dig into this issue to know what really then I can confirm and fill you in but in the meantime keep your ears to the ground and fill me in on any info at

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