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Juliet Ibrahim's Foundation And Otners Join hands To Raise Money For A 15 Year Old

Juliet Ibrahim's Foundation And Otners Join hands To Raise Money For A 15 Year Old
Often comes an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. “Mission 15” is a call to all of us to help raise money for a young boy in need of kidney transplant. Juliet Ibrahim Foundation in collaboration with the following organizations: Metro TV, Rave Girlz, Rockstone’s office, Ghana, Flex Newspaper, Ghana, Nigeria,, G Blogspot, Adinkra, Sky Newspaper, Peace FM, and many more; urges everyone to please donate as little as they can so that this 15 year old can have a chance at life.

Richard Kusi Yeboah is a 15-­‐year-­‐old boy currently attending school at Accra Academy and undergoes dialysis thrice a week with each costing 150ghc per treatment. Young Richard is fortunate that his single mother is his only hope of survival and able to donate him one of her kidneys. We all stand in a great opportunity to see that dream come through by supporting this mother and child with our resources. The medical team will be performing two surgeries on that day and would be pressed to keep two people alive.

The Juliet Ibrahim foundation has adopted this challenge with the hope that we all will come together to pledge our support of this family. We thank everyone in their support of Mission 15 and young Richard. Every organization that has shown their support is appreciated. Your prayers cannot cease for this family and we hope that we will bring you good news from this mission very soon.

To donate via pay pal please email:

Please visit for more information on how to donate to Mission 15. Also, find us on and follow us on twitter @ji_foundation for more information as they unfold. We trust that our media partners also will bring to you the developments as they happen and do not forget to keep young Richard and his Mom in your prayers daily.

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation (JIF) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focus on creating awareness about
kidney cancer and providing cost effective treatment for individuals suffering from kidney related diseases. We understand that cancer, especially kidney cancer is preventable and curable, and we aim to help those in need of treatment to have access to them in Africa. We offer education; treatment and other social needs that would help individuals deal with kidney cancer.

If you need more information about Juliet Ibrahim Foundation, please contact us or if you would like to schedule an interview with Juliet Ibrahim, please send an interview request to

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