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Some dye hard music fans in Ghana are protesting against the ticket price of the upcoming prestigious Ghana music award which is GHC100 regular and GHC200 VIP as over board.
The groupies said, each year we get the chance to support our favorite musicians by watching them get what they deserve after a hard working year but this year looks like the organizers of the show don’t want us there.

‘Before a musician will win an award, we vote not once, twice, but more than   a hundred time to make sure our favorite deserving musician wins the category he / she is in and after all that heavy money spending on voting our rewards are calculative, then to make it worse organizers want us to pay GHC100.00 for regular and GHC200.00 for VIP to support them, a fan from the university of Ghana sharing her thought’.
‘The cost is not really the problem, if you love your musician, then there is the need to do more for them, but the question is, why would you want to spend so much for a ticket and then you stand to watch a show, discomfort has always been the order of the day and hence it has never been a good experience for some us, another fans complain’.
This year’s Vodafone Ghana music awards looks like, it want to prevent all the dye hard music fans from coming for the awards ceremony and leave the cooperate men who will not sit up to cheer a musician on stage performing but they will look at them like toys singing to trees.
I think if organizers can re-look at the price for the awards again, it will really help, because this year’s price as released has not gone too well with fans as they cry it is over board, fans of musicians want to be there and support their favorite, unless organizers want to make it an industry awards ceremony with no fans.
The 13th Vodafone Ghana music awards, recharged for the love of music hence they should let the love of the very people who love the music be able to attend the event.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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