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EXPOSED: Top Gay Hangouts In Ghana

EXPOSED: Top Gay Hangouts In Ghana
The list below was created by gays on an secret online gay Ghana community. We came across the list and wanted to share the info with the world. Please note this is not an attempt to defame or degrade any of the mentioned sites. It is rather a wake-up call fro the country and our government, for if we're fighting against the proliferation of homosexuality in Ghana, we may as well as have lost if our public places are now hideouts for these people. 

1. Rhapsody's at the Accra Mall is popular, chic and expensive. Friday nights are especially mixed. There is a restaurant also, which serves excellent food in an upscale atmosphere. Because of the expense, there are fewer of the moneyboys here.

2. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Le Reve, a mixed but sleazy disco at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, opposite the large GCB bank building. Try Monday night's here.

3. The Coconut Grove hotel hosts a hugely popular Salsa Night on Wednesday. This is a mixed meeting place, and gays tend to hang out at the front gate. Arrive early, as the event is finished by 10:30PM.

4.Chester's Savannah bar- (this bar used to be inside the Ghana trade fair at La)Now back to Nyaniba estates (AGAIN),. its a cozy place to be,neat and classic decor.....nice music,friendly staff and affordable drinks.

5. Epo's Spot in Osu gets a nice gay crowd on Wednesday evening after the Salsa event has ended at Coconut Grove. Go upstairs to the open air rooftop bar or bay a few cedis to enter the nightclub where U will feel at Home

 6. The Bus Stop Pool Bar is a snooker bar across from Busy Internet on Ring Road near Nkrumah Circle. Wednesday nights tend to be fun here, but being so close to Busy, it is a place where it is easy to meet guys who are relaxing after chatting on the Internet. There is an associated Bus Stop restaurant two doors down from the pool bar.

7. Bywel bar is a very nice place in Osu and is an undercover place for discretely meeting gays. Thursday night hosts a live band and is massively popular. Live entertainment starts at 21:00.

8. Champs Sports Bar at the Paloma Hotel complex east of Busy Internet on Ring Road has a good number of gays attending on Friday nights. The bar is in the back of the complex, behind the restaurant. They also have a big-screen for showing international sporting events via satellite as well as American movies on Sunday nights.

9. The Office is gayest on Friday nights. Again, sorry I cannot tell you more as this is word from a friend.

10. Lizzie's(container) in Osu, across the street from Papaye. All open seating, good music and cold beer. Busy every night and packed on weekends.nice crowd on Wednesday nights after the Salsa event at Coconut Grove.

11Topido Guesthouse on the highway to Kumasi at Pokuasi is a gay friendly Guesthouse with beergarden and small club for private parties(gay or straight).

12. The swimming pool at Shangri-La Hotel can be gay on some Sunday afternoons. Sometimes not.

13. University of Ghana at Legon is a beautiful campus on the northeast side of Accra, near Achimota. Like universities everywhere, gay people can be found here. There is no gay student organization, but gays do meet and socialize here. No moneyboys are working the campus, but there is a gay network of friends that introduce other friends and the campus can be cruisy.

14. Labadi beach. Again moneyboys, so be careful. There is a fair amount of theft that occurs here, so do not leave your belongings unattended to go into the water.

15. The Center for Popular Education and Human Rights (CPEHRG) near Labadi serves as Ghana' s only gay-friendly medical and counseling center as well as the unofficial 'gay community center' for Ghana. This is the only organization in Ghana that is working to serve the needs of LGBT community in Ghana. Tourists are generally not welcome to visit here, but if you are bringing condoms, lube, medical supplies, gay newspapers or gay-themed gifts, you will be welcomed. Remember though, this is an African space and not a pick-up place. (Special note: CPEHRG is among only five organizations awarded the United Nations Development Programme's prestigious Red Ribbon Award for outstanding leadership in responding to HIV/AIDS at the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City in August 2008.)

16. Henri's (closed) was Accra's only exclusively gay club.There are no plans to re-establish the club. Updates will be posted here if they occur. Strawberry and Karldorf were also dropped from this list as they are no longer attracting a gay crowd.

17. Outside of Accra, there is a popular gay hangout in Prampram, a beach town about an hour east of Accra. When coming into town, look for the King's Spot on the right side of the main road, painted bright red.

18. In Cape Coast, at the beach in front of the Oasis Beach Resort and the Castle Restaurant.

The following venues were listed in the Spartacus International Travel Guide in an old edition. There is nothing listed for Ghana in the current Spartacus editions. I cannot say anything about any of these venues (some may no longer exist) and welcome feedback. Because gay hangouts change frequently, it is unlikely that these places attract a gay crowd at this time. We pass along this list simply because it was once listed in Spartacus, but my guess is that you will have better luck just walking the streets rather than looking for some obscure spots:

  • Babylon Night club
  • Black Pot, Blow-up
  • Cave du Roi, Kataka Club 
  • Lido Club
  • Maxim
  • Moustache
  • Terra Nova
  • Tropicana
  • Uncle's Sam's
  • Apollo Theater (across from Busy Internet)

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