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There are so many entertainment review on air programmes on either TV or radio, so many of them that if I am not wrong, every radio station now has an entertainment review show, but the big question is, with all these numerous entertainment shows, do they we see an impact from them on the entertainment industry?
If I can take you through some of the entertainment review show on radio now, I am sure you know about the peacefm entertainment review show, which is now the hottest in town, the Joyfm entertainment review show with Nii Ayi, Channel R entertainment show, Happyfm’s Showbiz Extra with Dr. Cann, the new radio station xyz’s celebrity xyz review show, top radio’s entertainment review show and Adom fm’s entertainment review show, etc.

All these above mentioned entertainment review shows, (there are others not mentioned here) research shows that they do not change anything in the entertainment industry, the panel and their host just come talk, show ends.
So what could really be the problem, why is it that with all these countless entertainment review shows, our entertainment industry is still at a stand point, a few areas were checked and this is the outcome.
First off, most of the entertainment review shows on air, pardon horrible mistakes from the entertainment stake holders, they can’t say it as it is, whether they are talking about an event, premier, or musical concert, they end up over looking at the main focus of the issue and end up pardoning either the organizers because they are also friends of the media.
Secondly, it is on record that some of the entertainment review host and panel go for the search of event tickets to a particular event so they end up justifying that particular event so that organizers will issue them some tickets to the events, what a sad issue.
Thirdly, the shows are not taken serious by event houses, their voices are against a certain event will not change an event organizers mind to go ahead with what the entertainment review show’s panel are talking about. Example is the current price of the Ghana Music awards, if the entertainment review shows had power in the industry they could have called for the price to be re-looked at again as they (entertainment review shows) know how much their listeners can afford but that is not the case.
Finally the entertainment review shows, some of them hardly get to speak to the right mouth source to interview during a discussion, so if they hardly get the correct people to talk to about a certain problem they have identified, how serious will  the event house take into consideration that particular problem.
We need to restructure our entertainment review shows, we need to make  it look attractive just like the way a political show is attractive, just like how they try getting all political parties rep involve, if the event houses are refusing to cooperate with us to help build a better industry, then we should also stop promoting them on our plat forms until they begin to cooperate with us.
We should always remember we have the key to the hearts of event attendees, if we say the event is not well planned hence people should not attend, trust that people will not attend because they want their safety, so let’s use our power to get our entertainment review shows exciting, having more influence and impact in our industry, for we need change.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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