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The Hip life song of the year winner at the GMAs Kwesi Darlington musically known as Dcryme is allegedly accused of stealing a song which does not belong to him by way of intellect to perform at his music concerts without the knowledge of the owner of the hit song.
Dcryme who featured in a song by Nhyiraba Kojo which has become so popular among the Ghanaian communities cannot take his eyes off the song as sources say the kill me shy man is never shy to perform the full length of the song any where he goes.

The source said: ‘inside Cape Coast University Dcryme performed the song by Nhyiraba Kojo like it is for him, instead of cutting out his verse or portion in the song; he stood on stage and performed the full length song with fans expectant to see the appearance of Nhyiraba Kojo but it never happened.
Another incidence where the source also accused Dcryme for allegedly stealing the song said took place inside Tema, he Cryme performed the song to bits with ladies calling Nhyiraba kojo to find out his where about and why Dcryme is staging his song.
The issue is, Nhyiraba kojo did not do a collaboration with Dcryme, it was just a feature, meaning the second party (DCryme) cannot stage the song without the approval of the owner (Nhyiraba Kojo) but he keeps on doing that, hence the only meaning the source could deduce is, he is trying to claim rights for something which is not his.
One major thing that got the source attention was an incident that happened between Stay J and Eduwoji, Dcryme spoke negatively about the act, condemning it to the bit and now he is caught doing the same act.
All efforts to reach Nhiyraba Kojo after we had the Cape coast University video performance by Dcryme has not materialized, we will get his reaction and that of Dcryme’s for the public to know the actual truth.
This is the act of intellectual property protection, one has no right to use another person’s intellect without his approval hence Dcryme if this issue is passed as true has to refund all the charges he took from event organizers to perform the song, the law is simple.
Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/

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