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D’Banj Publicist Says She Know Nothing About "LEAKED MO’HITS E-MAILS"

D’banj’s camp has also reacted to the leaked e-mail correspondence between the pop singer and former label partner Don Jazzy; insisting the sojourning hitmaker is ‘too busy’ to have anything to do with it.

Quite a number of private matters including the company’s property and situation of its artistes were discussed in the E-mail.

In an email enquiry this afternoon, we asked  D’banj’s manger and publicists ’Is it true that the mails…were written by D’banj and sent to Don Jazzy?‘

‘No no no, Dbanj has nothing to do with that. Too busy for such’, D’banj’s manager Abisagboola ‘Bankulli’ Oluseun wrote in his first reply to us since this Mo’hits brouhaha broke.

D’banj’s publicist however says she will not comment on the issue. ‘Unfortunately, I am not privy to any e-mail correspondence between those named’, Vannessa Amadi of VA-PR told NET via e-mail.

Don Jazzy on the other hand told us via email that the whole situation is ‘such a sad story’ and has refused to comment further.

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