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Atta Mills Is A Satanist?

Atta Mills Is A Satanist
OK, so apparently His Excellency the President Of The Republic of Ghana, is a SATANIST. I came across this picture on Facebook some days back and have kept on wondering what would push someone to finally declare that Atta Mills, better known as Agya Atta is a satanist.

This is a man who has been paying visits to the renowned Man of God, T.B. Joshua and has made a duty to portray his Christian nature always, even going to the extent of banning the ever-so-long "pouring of libation" at state events.

A colleague who could not withhold his exasperation at this act trying to defame the Prez, stated that this was a calculated act by the main opposition party in Ghana.the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during a time  so close to the upcoming elections to make sure Atta Mills loses at all cost. I couldn't share his sentiments as I was personally not a politic kinda person, i rarely even vote so i leave it to you my dear readers, who may have a better grasp of political and religious things more than myself, IS THIS AN ACT BY ANY OPPOSITION PARTY and IS THERE THE POSSIBILITY THAT ATTA MILLS AS WE ALL KNOW HIM IS A SATANIST AS THE UP-LOADER OF THIS PHOTO CLAIMS?

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