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SPOTLIGHT: Abladzo Kwame - The Audacity Of Versatility

The Volta Revolution as I call the new era in Ghana Showbiz, which sees a lot of rappers from the Ewe-speaking sect of the country, can perceptibly be traced to have been rooted by the likes of Edem and Dogo. Though not etched as far back as Edem, Dogo and the likes, Abladzo Kwame is another budding young artiste who shows prowess in what has now come to be known as "Ewe Rap".

Born Frank Klu, Abladzo Kwame, has undergone a lot of phases in his music career. He claims he cannot rightly say he started his rap at an early or tender age, but he showed clear interest in music. He always loved hearing Dogo's songs being played around in Hohoe, a city in the Volta Region, where he was born. After his primary and JHS education, Abladzo Kwame, moved to Ashale Botwe, a suburb of Accra to continue his education and this was where his interest in music got more intense. He started miming his favorites artists and putting up some bars of his own.

"However, my break as a rapper came about in Avatime Senior High School, where I usually took the mic during the entertainment sessions and did my thing", says the rapper. Even with all this, the rapper claimed he stopped music right after completing SHS, as he had on further motivation.

When asked, why he turned back to music, Abladzo Kwame chuckled softly, replying, "Rap was part of me and even as I tried to deny it, it always found a way to show itself".

"This was when I had moved to Adenta, teamed up with Klu of MOnsta Music, and recorded my first mixtape, "Amenuveve" [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD], continued the rapper.

He continued, "Amenuveve, in Ewe means 'salvation' and that was what the tape was to me; a salvation from denial". Propelled by the success of the Amenuveve mixtape, the artist found himself back in the studio, this time on a joint album with Shardey, formerly called "Bobo Shanti", called Diversity [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]

Currently, the Ewe rapping artist is working on his debut album, EweRapBeWhat of which my favorite is Zongo CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Other songs on the yet to be released album features artistes like Shardey, Klu, Edem and others and I cannot wait to get my hands on this album looking at the songs released from it.

However, before the release of this album, he is taking the Rick Ross' step by releasing a mixtape prior to the album.

For more download links visit his reverbnation page at

And Abladzo, his stage name, literally means "plantain"

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