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Tiffany's Naked Pics - The Mario Connection

Since the start of the release of the nude pics of Tiffany Hayden, famous for her hits like "Fake London Boy" and "Last One"ft Castro one would ask, "why she took the pics of herself in the first place?" According to rumors currently arising, she took the pics when Mario was in town for the 233Connect concert featuring J Holiday, Cabo Snoop, Kas and several Ghanaian acts, which was held about some weeks ago at th grand AICC.
it is speculated that Mario at some stage in his stay in Accra, actually took Tiffany’s phone and made her follow him to his hotel room to collect it, the same phone on which the robber took these nude pics that are flooding socail media everywhere.
Tiffany Nude Pics

According to sources, the rapper who is currently in South Africa promoting her new single, ‘Rock Ma Body’ featuring Killbeats is worried about the development but is committed to working on her music while the police continue investigations on the robbery and subsequent blackmails.

From this people deduce that this pics might have been taken when the two spent time together alone. if this is so one wonders what the future holds for the female Ghanaian rapper with Mario and what actually happened during their time together. or was it a one night stand

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