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Mario Admires Tiffany Hayden's Ass?

American star, Mario of ‘Let me love you’ fame was in Ghana, in 233 connect concert featuring J Holiday, Cabo Snoop, Kas and several Ghanaian acts. While in Ghana, the singer’s twitter page was inundated with tweets about his admiration and appreciation for African women’s buttocks.

Here are some of the tweets before his performance from the singer: “Tmrw MTO gone read, ” Mario stuck in Africa on ass harassment charges”… “Fellas asking me to twitpic a real african ass! lol Yo, if i catch a good one tmrw i gotchu! Lol” “Yo real talk. African women (from africa) have the realest PERFECTLY round asses in the world!! #withalldorespect” It was also later reported that the singer might actually have found that ‘ass’, with all due respect as he showed interest in the Ghanaian female rapper, Tiffany who was on the bill for the concert too.

According to sources, Mario at some stage in his stay in Accra, actually took Tiffany’s phone and made her follow him to his hotel room to collect it. Hmm! The two made their fondness of each other even public when they were seen chilling together at the club, Excel for the afterparty of the concert.

Tiffany is a single mother. Mario and a female fan gave fans a show at the Saturday event as the one lucky lady was called on stage to sit on Mario’s lap while he performed his hit song, ‘Braid My Hair’ to her.

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