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@KluMonsta In Beast Mode This Year?

Klu Started the 2011 year with an album entitled #ChocolatesRedCandlesNSilkSheets, which he dropped on Valentine's Day,Febuary 14.


He then moved on to release a controversial, "religion-battling" EP entitled #WritghIngramNestor, which was acromyned "W.I.N" standing for Win. He dropped the heat of that album

Having carved a niche for himself as a controversial and versatile rapper, Klu quickly got back into the studio to follow up on his #StolenMusic series dropping #StolenMusic 2

 Now Klu once again, is back in studio recording his second #FreeAlbum which he calls #CanvasL!fe slated to drop on  20th  Dec. The idea for #CanvasL!FE, Klu says, actually came up as a result of his being newly enrolled in school. The project was originally supposed To Be Named Level 100, that is Klu being admitted in school level 100, but he had to change it to #CanvasL!FE  because the original title seemed to the same album title as fellow rapper Lil Shaker's. Hence The reason it is now called #CanvasL!FE

Releasing a few promotional singles prior to the grand release, Klu officially released the 1st single off #CanvasL!FE called Love You Make You Shock which feature Edem Of Last 2 fame. 
Klu, who is still in the studio working on His #FreeAlbum, states that, the album features quite a number of  artist like; Edem ,braKevin beats, Dee Moneey, JoeyB, Lousika, Lyrix, Shardey.

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